With the bike through our homeland

Take your time and explore the Ruhr area and Essen by bike. Otherwise you can hardly experience the charm of the Area better. Whether traveling along the Ruhrtal Radweg or just to experience Essen…? All the same! Either way, you will experience your green miracle. In order to be prepared for the next day, we are exactly the right accommodation for you. Because so that you, as a cyclist, know what to expect in the Hotel Maximilians, we have been certified for you by the ADFC as a „bed + bike operation“.

This is included with us when booking a room:

We have also arranged a bicycle package for you.

Themed routes from Essen

Ruhr valley cycle path

The Ruhr Valley Cycle Path is probably the best-known themed route in North Rhine-Westphalia. As a cyclist, you cycle from the Sauerland, past 22 stages, into the Ruhr area. Essen is one of these stages, and with the Hotel Maximilians we are only 6 km by bike from the Baldeneysee, which is located directly on the Ruhr Valley cycle path. From here you can use the Gruga-Trasse, wich crosses the Ruhr Valley cycle path.

From the hotel you can see the highlights of Essen, such as the Zeche Zollverein, Gruga Park, Villa Hügel, the Folkwang Museum and much more. You have the opportunity to discover parts of the route of industrial culture from us and, after an exciting time in Essen, to master the onward journey along the Ruhr Valley cycle path.

Total length: approx. 240 km, from Winterberg to Duisburg

Industrial Heritage Route

The route of industrial culture leads through the entire Ruhr area past some sights that make up the history of the Ruhr Area. The next sight to the Hotel Maximilians is the Villa Hügel, which is approx. 3 km away from the hotel. In addition, after 9 km by bike you can reach the Zeche Zollverein, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most important adventure points on the Route of Industrial Culture.


Many other anchor points can be reached along the route. Examples include the Henrichenburg ship works, the Bottrop Tetrahedron, the Oberhausen Gasometer and Henrichshütte Hattingen – all of them are exciting bike tour destinations that you should definitely “take” with you. But not only the sights are an experience, but also the different landscapes. The route goes through forests, past industrial areas, through large cities and along huge fields.

Total length: approx. 1,200 km, through the Ruhr area

German Football Route

On the German Football Route, some adventure points have been put together for you, including many well-known visiting and excursion destinations. The following applies to everyone: Football is relegion here! The closest adventure point to Hotel Maximilians is the Grugahalle. This is an 8-minute walk from the Hotel Maximilians. The next entry point to the route is at Villa Hügel, which is 3 km from Hotel Maximilians.


The football route takes you across North Rhine-Westphalia by bike. You will pass all the legendary sites of national and international football. One of the main anchor points of the football route is of course the German Football Museum in Dortmund. You can experience how exciting football is in advance on a virtual tour of the museum.

TIP: With the navigation of the DFR app, all destinations on the route can be easily found and discovered!

Total length: approx. 800 km, from Aachen to Bielefeld

Bike tours in Essen

Even within Essen, a large number of signposted cycle routes invite you to go on long bike rides.

Mountain Route
(8,5 km)

From the Ruhr promenade in Steele via the Veltenbahn, through the Volksgarten Kray and via the Kray-Wanner-Bahn to the Mechtenberg.

Valley Route
(8,7 km)

From the Rheinische Bahn through the Hexbachtal along the city limits to Haus Ripshorst in Oberhausen.

Water route
(19,5 km)

From the New Emschertal to the Ruhr Valley over sections of the path that often lead along watercourses.

City Route
(17,9 km)

The middle of the three north-south links; leads from the Rhine-Herne Canal to the Baldeneysee.

Nature route

From the New Emschertal to the Ruhr Valley over sections of the path that often lead through green and forest areas.

Bike tours around Esse

In addition to the bike routes, there are numerous bike tours that present various aspects of the past and present of the city of Essen. In contrast to the cycle routes, these tour suggestions are unfortunately not signposted! But of course you can get a tour card from us.

Railway route tour
(40,7 km)

Leads on the former railway lines through the northern, eastern and southern urban areas of Essen.

Beer garden tour north
(49,9 km incl. extension)

A cycling circuit through the northern half of the city with all the beer gardens on the route.

Beer garden tour south
(49,9 km)

A cycling circuit through the southern half of the city with all the beer gardens along the route.

Church tour north (28 km) and church tour south (44 km)

Here selected churches in the north and south of Essen are approached by bike.

Krupp tour
(31,4 km)

Tour to famous and less known locations in the Essen city area, which are related to the past and present of the company and the Krupp family.

Tour of allotments
(garden paths)(43 km)

Cycling circuit with the opportunity to take a look at one of the numerous allotment gardens on site.

Mine tour
(35,1 km)

Based on the locations of the Zeche Zollverein in the northeast.

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